To reach the next generation and others, with the life changing reality of Jesus Christ while training them for technical career opportunities.


To help young people and others who are in need of job skills but, do not have time or financial resources for a long term education by providing certification training for a lucrative career in the trades.


Psalm 145:4

"One generation will commend your works to another;
they will tell of your mighty acts."

Career Life Ministry's personality is one generation obediently mentoring and guiding another generation. It provides an atmosphere of caring and genuine concern for the student's spiritual future as well as their careers. A low student to staff ratio allows relationships that are more personal.

Instructors and Life Witnesses will provide guidance on life and career experiences from a mature Christian perspective. As part of the ministry's guidance nature, the ministry will provide special spiritual counseling for those who are struggling with particularly challenging problems in their lives by providing a linkage back to existing HCBC ministries.